Pierre au travail

Curriculum Vitae


Previous career : professional engineer, retired in 2005. 

Since 2009 : weekly art painting lessons and workshops by Denise Rodier b.f.a., art professor.

Collective expositions : approximately 30 expositions mostly in Mascouche ,Sainte-Rose and Bromont; also in Rosemere, St-Eustache,Granby and Baie-St-Paul.

Awards :   second prize for new artists and second prize for semi-professionals in Mascouche; also a few honourable mentions.


Pierre Chaput
84 Vézina, Repentigny, Québec, Canada
info@pierrechaput.com   |   Web Site : www.pierrechaput.com
Home Phone : 450 654-5234

Artistic approach :

Born in 1945, I lived in Montreal, in the Plateau Mont-Royal until I was 18 years old. For four years, I delivered the daily newspaper La Presse up the exterior stairs typical of the neighbourhood. I started oil painting in 2009.

I have done a few paintings with a spatula, but I paint mostly with pig hair brushes.

I am a nature lover and I paint natural, rural and urban landscapes.  I choose places and events where I have resided or visited a number of times. More particularly the Plateau Mont-Royal, the Laurentians, the Eastern Townships, Charlevoix, and the Lower St.-Lawrence.

I draw my inspiration from my photos, my souvenirs and particularly my impressions of these places to compose scenes that are sufficiently figurative for the observer to recognize them, while rendering my perception of their beauty.

I sometimes include events or figures to enhance my impression of the beauty and light in a scene.